Professional Storage

Since 1930 Carroll’s has offered storage solutions on Martha’s Vineyard and expanded to Cape Cod in recent years. As one of the oldest storage companies on Martha’s Vineyard, we hold a great responsibility in providing our clients with secure, clean, and organized storage. Our month-to-month lease is great for short-term or long-term storage.

Storage Options

Storage in Transit (SIT):Often, people find they are not quite ready to take delivery at their new residence. This is common on many moves. We are always prepared for this occurrence and ready to move your belongings into a secure vault until you can receive them.


  • Pods
    • Pods are a secure 8x12 foot portable solution. Very easy to place anywhere you want on your property with little preparation required.
    • Easily movable and primed for truck loading
    • Wall panels are thick and durable galvanized painted steel
    • Corrugated roofs “ISO” style ensures better water runoff and durability
    • Weather-resistant to keep contents safe and secure
    • We provide pick-up and delivery
  • Containers
    • Our containers are a perfect option for storing larger quantities of items on your property.
    • Examples of storage items: Outdoor furniture, farm, and yard equipment, building materials, machinery, etc.
    • Pick-up and delivery
  • Vaults
    • Our 7x5x7 vaults are a great option for short or long-term storage.
    • Most affordable storage type
    • Available for small or large quantities
    • Available on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod


  • Vehicles
    • Short- or long-term vehicle storage on Martha’s Vineyard
    • Dry space protected from wind, water, and rain
    • We offer pick-up and delivery via our flatbed truck
  • Recreational Vehicles
    • Short- or long-term storage on Martha’s Vineyard
    • Secure on Carroll’s property
    • We offer pick-up and delivery
  • Boats
    • Short- or long-term storage on Martha’s Vineyard
    • The owner must winterize prior to storage
    • Secure on Carroll’s property
    • We offer pick-up and delivery