Commercial Moving

Commercial moves can be very different from residential moves. Some of the key differences are the size of the move, the pre-move planning, the length of the project, and third-party involvement.

A first step in considering a commercial move is to schedule an in-person meeting with one of our professional move surveyors. This process gathers critical information necessary to identify the type of services Carroll’s can provide to ensure the best transition for your company.

Moving sensitive materials

No matter the size of your company, we understand you will have sensitive materials and information that needs to be securely moved. Carroll’s takes great lengths to protect the privacy of your business and its customers by ensuring our team is top qualified. We achieve this by conducting hands-on training for our infield movers and legal training for all our staff so we can provide the most secure and professional move for your company.

Moving after business hours

This is a key feature of our commercial move service. Carroll’s will pack and load your business after hours so you can still conduct a full day's business without the hassle of a moving company around during the day.
Hiring the right mover for your business is the key to making sure this process does not impede your operations.

Here’s what you will get if you choose Carroll’s:

  • A personal move coordinator is available day and night to assist in all aspects of the move from start to finish
  • Dedicated move team, trucks, and equipment
  • Special equipment for heavy/bulky items
  • Tips and resources to prepare you and your team for a successful transition
  • All necessary logistics concerning parking, accessibility, and restrictions
  • Non-disclosure agreement available upon request
  • Customized pricing to match your company’s budget