Map of Atlas freight distribution locations in North America

Carroll's provides supply-chain distribution across the U.S. and Canada with a network of quality, Atlas agents.

Reliable supply chain distribution.

You depend on the efficiency of your distribution logistics. Which is why you can count on Carroll's Martha's Vineyard. Here you get a qualified provider for streamlining your supply-chain distribution. Our efficiency is proven for multiple industries and complex distribution scenarios.

We have extensive experience in logistics. Over the years, we have refined systems to stay ahead of customer expectations. Today, experienced commercial shippers know us as a top-tier choice for transport distribution.

We keep the distribution pipeline working.

When it comes to freight distribution, capacity is essential. In addition to our own resources, we bring additional transportation and warehousing capacity to answer your distribution challenge. As an agency of Atlas, we enjoy the cooperation and quality of Atlas warehouse and distribution facilities across the U.S. and Canada. What's more, through our international partnerships, you have access to Atlas-approved facilities for global distribution.

Distribution inventory management

When you tap Carroll's MV for distribution logistics, you get advanced systems for tracking your goods in the pipeline.

  • Computerized scanning monitors goods in and out of warehouses.
  • Satellite technology provides location information on shipments.
  • Operations and fleet personnel maintain regular communication about transit factors via cellular telephone.

Get a free estimate now.

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